Женщина, 20 лет, Телец.

Она сейчас не в сети. Последний раз была давно.
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Рост (сантиметр)178
Вес (килограмм)58
Размер грудиБольшой
Размер жопыСредний
Цвет волосБрюнетка
Цвет глазКарие

Обо мне

I really like to talk to me, to make me feel beautiful, that words are beau

Мне нравится

It warms me that you speak to me with tenderness, that in the sexual act you tell me nice things that exist for me, I love to touch myself, uncontrolled of pleasure and to give you the best of me

Мне не нравится

I do not like friends who try to make me feel bad, you are rude to their words, do not make me feel good and they do not tell me nice things, I do not like people coming to my room to make disorder