Женщина, 39 лет, Весы.

Она сейчас не в сети. Последний раз была давно.

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Рост (сантиметр)169
Вес (килограмм)70
Размер грудиБольшой
Цвет волосБрюнетка
Цвет глазКарие

Обо мне

Sexy talk,masturbation ,oral sex,ass play,footjob,blow job,

Мне нравится

Polite, friendly people who like to have fun. Good manners go a long way with me, to be treated as a person not a-object- i love humour an witt although im not always as quick off the mark on that lol. Just a all rounder decent being with a good heart an

Мне не нравится

Rude people, abrupt and demanding . Its a give an take senario here so sometimes people may feel they just want some fun, with no social connection which i do understand that if thats needed. But for me I find it more rewarding to express a friendly attit

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