Женщина, 23 года, Стрелец.

Она сейчас не в сети. Последний раз была давно.

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Рост (сантиметр):179
Вес (килограмм):56
Размер груди:Средний
Цвет волос:Брюнетка
Цвет глаз:Зелёные
Обо мне
Love to fool around and chat! Sex is important to me! Make me happy!
Мне нравится
Excite me men classic suit and tie! I like very hard cock with a swollen head! I love when your pants are ready to burst from excitement. I love it when you lick my pussy and toes. In you beckons me the smell of expensive perfume. Your charm and charisma
Мне не нравится
I can't stand whiners and talkers! What turns me off and irritates the man when he keeps his word. If you promised, then be a man and keep your word. If such be in my chat room, I immediately send them to the ban, unceremoniously and without discussing is
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