Женщина, 19 лет, Весы.

Она сейчас не в сети. Последний раз была давно.

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Рост (сантиметр)159
Вес (килограмм)46
Размер грудиСредний
Цвет волосРыжая
Цвет глазЗелёные

Обо мне

I love making friends with who I can have a wonderful time!

Мне нравится

I like men who are confident enough to not be threatened by who I am or what I need, and can appreciate a woman who is strong. Do that, and whatever your mind will conceive, I`ll achieve! :))

Мне не нравится

I do not like to be bored. Come and play with me!She is very open mind; there is no limits for her. Patience and love for sex makes her one of the best and most popular here

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